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FREE 3 Hour CEU Presentation

“How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding with your family, coworkers, parents, partner or children.”
Presented by: Dwight Bain, LMHC, NCC, CLC
Identify the most common family secrets and dysfunction to confront.Gain a strategic approach to confront secrets or addictions with confidence.Role Play a family confrontation without a conflict to achieve therapeutic goals.Discover when to challenge, when to confront, and when to refer for inpatient care.Identify the key elements necessary to re-write a family story.

Date:Friday, March 20, 2015 Time:9am – 12pm Registration and breakfast begin at 8am Location:6601 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando FL 32821 Central Florida Behavioral Hospital tours will be available after presentation.
Email Rich Rodriguez by 3/16/15 to
Class size is limited.

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital is an approved CEU provider by Florida Department of Health BAP#1030 for the Florida Boa…

10 Bad Marriage Communication Habits By: Christine Hammond, LMHC

How would you rate communication with your spouse? Are you a 10: interaction is perfect and both of you feel understood? Are you a 1: there is no exchange? Or are you a 5: there is some discussion but a lot of confusion? Where ever your score (unless you are a perfect 10), your communication can be improved. The quickest way to move up the scale is to stop some bad communication habits. Lying – Even small lies have consequences and a pattern of lying breeds mistrust. Not listening – Thinking about what you are going to say instead of what is being said. Interrupting – Causes frustration and demonstrates a lack of respect. Getting distracted – Other things/people are more important than your spouse. Failing to prioritize – Produces a “Chicken Little” situation – “The sky is falling.” Taking things personally – Not all comments (direct or indirect) are about you. Assuming – This makes an “ass out of you and me”. Name calling / yelling – Borders on a…

Dating in the Millennial Era By: Emily Long

Flash back: You just got home from a date that you know went exceptionally well. There was a chemistry, the other person had just the right amount of everything you’re looking for. In the two days following you wait by the phone. After two days, if you haven’t heard from them, you start going through the notions of hurt, rejection, and confusion. Fast forward to the present: The time limit on the “call back” has drastically changed. With the evolution of technology, the “call back” has now turned into a “text back” and normally it’s within an hour of the person leaving. Something simple like “I had a great time tonight.” The conversation goes on for a little bit and you think you really have a connection with this person. Then the day comes, whether it be before or after your second date, that they disappear. Your life turns into a front-row magic show where you’re left wondering what happened. The psychological torture of the hurt, rejection, and confusion becomes more intense due to…

Helicopter Parenting By: Cara Griffin-Locker, IMH

Anyone who is a parent knows it is the hardest job out there.Being in charge of another human is the most terrifying yet rewarding experience. From the time they are babies, parents are the sole provider for this tiny life that they have created.Being able to care for and instruct one’s children is a blessing, yet in the same respect can be a trial.Parents are the ones they look to for guidance, the ones in control and who have things under control.Parents control what they eat, wear and do from an early age.That is until they start realizing that they have the ability to say yes or no and start challenging their parents’ instructions and decision-making.

The average child’s frontal lobe does not develop until they are 25 years old, so it makes perfect sense that parents would want to remain in control of the decision-making process. Ultimately they are trying to prevent their kids from making mistakes that may alter their lives in a harmful way. Or maybe they are trying to save them f…