10 Bad Marriage Communication Habits By: Christine Hammond, LMHC

How would you rate communication with your spouse? Are you a 10: interaction is perfect and both of you feel understood? Are you a 1: there is no exchange? Or are you a 5: there is some discussion but a lot of confusion?
Where ever your score (unless you are a perfect 10), your communication can be improved. The quickest way to move up the scale is to stop some bad communication habits.
  1. Lying – Even small lies have consequences and a pattern of lying breeds mistrust.
  2. Not listening – Thinking about what you are going to say instead of what is being said.
  3. Interrupting – Causes frustration and demonstrates a lack of respect.
  4. Getting distracted – Other things/people are more important than your spouse.
  5. Failing to prioritize – Produces a “Chicken Little” situation – “The sky is falling.”
  6. Taking things personally – Not all comments (direct or indirect) are about you.
  7. Assuming – This makes an “ass out of you and me”.
  8. Name calling / yelling – Borders on abusive or controlling tactics.
  9. Over-explaining – More is not better when it comes to explaining.
  10. Bringing up the past – Some things are better left in the past where they belong.
For optimal results, focus on your bad habits first before highlighting your spouse’s bad habits. Once you have made a noticeable improvement, it will be far easier to discuss your concerns with your spouse.

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