By Gary Eby, Motivational Speaker

Lefthanded Soldiers is dedicated to all of those who have been wounded in life ... whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially and yet, against all odds, have risen from the devastation to become a champion!

There are few things in life that move me like seeing someone overcome adversity. I believe that there are great men and women from all walks of life, who, because of some “event” or series of events, have pretty much given up. Somewhere between brokenness and bitterness many have laid down their proverbial swords and surrendered. They’ve been wounded. Lefthanded Soldiers teaches us that when we are wounded … when our “right arms” have been hurt … that we can become Lefthanded Soldiers rather than allowing our circumstances to condemn us to a life of “what-ifs.” How many great leaders are no longer leading?

What will our society suffer because the leadership we need is somewhere hurting rather than rallying the troops? What great sickness is raging because the doctors and nurses who can make a difference are in need of healing themselves? How many great sermons will not be preached because an overworked and underpaid Pastor had a “humpty-dumpty” fall and is allowing condemnation to keep him out of service? Great public servants, teachers, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and politicians, all over the world are waiting ... waiting for someone to care enough to put their arms around them and say ... “Let’s get back into the battle of life again! We need you!”

I believe that great leaders can inspire the “wounded warriors” among us that they can “engage” in life again and they can be winners!

In the real world… most of the time… it’s the size of your mess that determines the size of your message. It may not be pleasant to hear, but, the size of your testimony is due, in large part, to the size of your test. Where would Abe Lincoln have been without the Civil War? Where would John Kennedy have been without the Cuban Missile Crisis? David needed Goliath to become King. You cannot not wear a victor’s crown without having fought a few battles! You can’t sing before you talk. You can’t run before you walk. You can’t have a message until you’ve had a mess … and you can’t have a testimony until you’ve had a test! Let’s look at these lyrics to a song that I wrote.

The victor’s crown only goes to those who’ve been in war. Eagles can’t stay in their nest if they want to soar. Sitting on the side lines you’ll never be your best. You can’t have a testimony ‘till you’ve had a test.

God won’t send thirsty people to an empty well.
Heaven's cup sure is sweeter once you’ve tasted hell.There’s no wine until the grape has gone through the press.You can’t have a testimony ’till you’ve had a test.

Out of this understanding
“Lefthanded Soldiers" was born. I want to teach you ... to teach others that “Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside!”

The willingness to change can be inspired by others but change itself is a personal choice. It is “Choice” not “Chance” that determines your destiny.

Lefthanded Soldiers is a call for the wounded to “get back into the battle of life!

”Lefthanded Soldiers is a call for leaders to build an army of renewed, revived warriors. Let’s teach them that they can make a decision to “engage” in life again. Let’s teach them that they can make a difference in the world. They can be “Lefthanded Soldiers!”

About the Author: Gary Eby is an International Trainer and Sales Strategist. He has the dynamic gift and ability to teach, train, motivate, and inspire. His message is a power-packed adventure that is filled with laughter and practical illustrations. Gary has conducted seminars all over the United States as well as England, Japan and Brazil. His diverse background includes the US Marines and a lifestyle mission statement that focuses on "vision, integrity and diligence." To learn more about Gary’s best-selling Lefthanded Soldiers CD program, visit his website - http://www.GaryEby.com

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