Exhausted and Overwhelmed – Understanding How Technology Can Steal Time and Destroy Focus

By: Dwight Bain

We all do it. We’ve all promised ourselves we won’t waste another hour on social media with mindless escapism, yet another week goes by and the projects pile up because of the need to‘like’ more cute pictures on Facebook.

So how can you protect yourself and your family from losing so much time on social media or the Internet? First, realize it’s happening, and that technology saturation leads to overexposure which only makes it worse, leading to elevated expectations which leads to depressed moods, then the dark emotions of envy over constant comparison and finally exhaustion.

Here are some proven steps to reclaim mental focus during this busy time of year.
1.     Routines – build in healthy routines where you ‘unplug’ from technology to plug into your friends, family and faith.  
2.     Environment – find a way to get you and your family outside. Take a walk, walk the dog, or teach a child how to ride a bike, throw a Frisbee… whatever it takes to be outdoors where you can recharge away from WI-FI
3.     Silence –Deep spiritual connection does not happen in loud noisy places. Spiritual renewal comes in the quiet. Steve Brown from KeyLife Radio Network, (www.KeyLife.org) says it this way, “It is in the silence that He, (Jesus), comes.” So as you get spend quiet time be prepared for a wonderful sense of spiritual peace instead of the chronic multitasking of those who can’t unplug from technology.
4.     Time- especially time spent in real relationship where conversation and connection are the goals, not finding more Pinterest recipes.   
When you practice each of these 4 qualities you will find rest for your soul and you will prevent being overwhelmed and exhausted from technology stress. By the way, did you notice it is easy to remember because it spells out the word, “REST” which is exactly what you need in these hectic times. Unplug and just rest. Your body and your family will thank you.

About the author -  Dwight Bain is a trusted professional with over 30 years of experience in solving complex problems as a counselor and coach. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @DwightBain or like his page to find new inspiration at www.Facebook.com/DwightBain

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