Choose Your Passion, Not a Job

By: Cara Griffin-Locker, IMH

As children, thoughts of what we would do when we get older were endless. Our dreams, hopes and aspirations were as big as the world we live in. The desire and need to be successful were not yet as strong as our desire and need for adventure and fun. However, as we grew up, money became inherently more important than our childhood aspirations. It is the powerful tool for building empires and lavish lifestyles. Money can make some people happy and others miserable. For some, in today’s society, the pursuit of money can be directly linked to the pursuit of happiness.

The idea that money is the key to happiness is problematic because it often leads people down a career path that may not be meant for them. They choose money over passion and childhood dreams. They choose the materialistic ways of the world, rather than a life of simplicity and passion. Whatever happened to the saying “choose something you like to do and you will never work a day in your life?” If you are in the 20% of people who love your job, then consider yourself lucky. You have made the step to follow your dreams and choose a career that best fits you, not your wallet. However, if you are in the other 80% who choose a career they hate, or maybe you did choose a career that you once loved and desired but the passion is gone, there is hope. It is never too late to follow your dreams, to pursue your goals, to live the life you wanted. Yes, change is hard and often involves a leap of faith but it can be done.

If you are facing this dilemma today, here are some reasons why choosing to move towards a career that you love is beneficial and can make a huge difference:

1. You are more passionate about the work you do when you love it: No one likes getting up early to go to a job that they do not like. This is why it is pertinent to pick something you like to do. If you are not forced to work somewhere solely for monetary reasons, you tend to truly enjoy what you do and you never really work a day in your life.

2. You can connect more to your work and think more effectively: Feeling compelled to do something can be draining. All careers have their draining and dull moments but when you choose something you love, these moments appear few and far between and you can often look past them.

3. You are willing to go above and beyond: When you do something you love, putting in extra hours is not a burden because you are the choosing to do so,makes the experience more enjoyable. During busier times, you may also be asked to do certain tasks that are not part of your everyday schedule. It is much easier for you to put in the extra work if it’s something you actually care about.

4. Nothing will stop you from achieving success: When you enjoy what you do, nothing will stop you from getting things done. Being passionate about what you do leads to an unstoppable feeling where nothing can obstruct you from achieving greatness. Your passion ignites your work.

We will spend the majority of our lives working and there is no other way around this (unless one is born into a wealthy family or marries rich). We must accept this and not view work as something we have to do but rather as something we get to do. Work does not have to be something that you hate doing. Stay true to who you are and what you desire and do the work that fuels your passion and makes you happy.

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