Do you know to lead your Community out of Crisis?

Become a Certified Trained Crisis Responder!
School Shooting, Co-Worker Suicide, Bombing, Terrorist Attack, Hurricane, Tornado, Fire, Flood, Multiple Car or Bus Fatality or Airline Disaster - when you hear about a major crisis do you know what to do to help someone?
If a community shooting or disaster happened at your workplace, school, church or neighborhood would you know what to do?
Would you know what to say?
Would you know how to protect that person you cared about from developing PTSD?
Would you know what do to protect yourself or those you care about from secondary trauma?
This 2 day crisis certification course was designed by experts after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 by the United States National Guard and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation as a rapid psychological response to community trauma. Continuing Education Credit is offered from the University of Maryland - Baltimore Campus and an official certificate showing your accomplishment is given for those who complete both days of this intensive crisis recovery training.
TCR prepares you to manage a major crisis and lead a critical incident stress debriefing session, (CISD) while keeping yourself and family safe from the psychological harm.
There are 8 TCR training modules offered over 2 days in this intensive certification class to equip you in dealing with community crisis events. You will learn the early warning signs of PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), how to prevent secondary psychological trauma while working as a first responder providing psychological first aid in real life scenarios.
This rapid crisis stabilization process is taught by Dwight Bain, a certified crisis response instructor who worked at Ground Zero in New York City after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and has equipped thousands with psychological survival skills to use until emergency management teams can arrive on the scene. Crisis events will come to Florida - are you going to be prepared to help or will you be a helpless bystander?

"Up to 35% of those exposed to traumatic events such as disasters and terrorism will develop significant posttraumatic psychological distress and perhaps PTSD." -U.S. National Guard
This course is for Pastors, Counselors, Nurses, Teachers, Lay Counselors, Administrators, Law Enforcement, Chaplains and Concerned Citizens interested in becoming a trained crisis responder to manage Community Crisis Events or the aftermath of Terrorist Attacks.
Space is limited.   Register now!
Two-Day Certification
March 12-13, 2015
9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily
(must attend both days for full certification and Credit from ICISF and the University of Maryland/Baltimore Campus)
ICISF Instructor: Dwight Bain
Training Facility Location:
Florida Hospital Eustis,
Waterman Campus, Lake County, FL
Trained Crisis Responder Certification
Registration Form
March  12-13 2015   9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily
ICISF Certified Instructor Dwight Bain
Training facility: Florida Hospital Waterman Campus, Eustis, (Lake County), Florida
PLEASE PRINT your name clearly since it will be used for your Official TCR Certificate
Address   _____________________________________________________________                                    
Telephone: ___________________________________________________________
E-mail   ______________________________________________________________

  ______$89.00 - early bird registration (before March 1st)
 ______ $149.00 - later registration (after March 1st - only if space is still available)
  ______ Group Registration -  4th person FREE with 3 paid registrations, ($149.00 value)
 (Names of 3 registered __________________________________________
Payment Options:

Make check or money order payable to:     
The LifeWorks Group
1850 Lee Road, suite 250
Winter Park, FL 32789
You can email this registration form with your credit card information to Sola Thompson at or fax directly to:  407-647-8874
Credit card number_______________________________________________________

Expiration date ___________________  three digit CVV code on back of card, ____________

Zip code for billing address of credit card _______________    
Refund and cancellation policy: Full refund minus $25 processing fee if notice is given 10 days before workshop.
If later cancellation, fee can be applied to future TCR crisis certifications.

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