Solve Stress and Save Money by Shopping Wisely

By C. Dwight Bain

One of the strategies our family has used for over ten years to solve stress and save money is to work off of a weekly shopping list. It's a simple process of printing out a weekly sheet of paper with the type of products that our family typically uses. We fill it out as a family throughout the week to prevent forgetting something, or buying too much of the products we already have on hand. It keeps us organized, and saves a lot of stress by following a plan, which also helps us to budget our spending before we get to the store.

Once we make the list and review it by looking into the fridge or pantry to make sure that nothing is missed, then we grab a yellow marker to identify the products that we have coupons for, since we save about twenty dollars per week by using the manufacturers coupons from the local newspaper. It may sound complex, but it's actually a simple process to solve stress by planning ahead and working together as a family. Just take our list below and customize it to your own home and stage of life. This process works for us, and I would challenge you to give it a try and see if it works for your family too!

Home Shopping List

Week of:
(Kindly circle what you need this week so that we can plan and spend wisely as a family)


Milk Squash Bread Downey Toothpaste/Kids
Orange Juice Salads Cooking Oil Laundry Detergent Kids shampoo
Eggs Strawberries Chips Towels Detergent Body Wash
Coffee Cream Grapes Olive Oil Bleach Deodorant Soap
Yogurt Bananas Soups Trash Bags Razors
Bacon Oranges Kids Soup Garbage Bags Hair Care
Chicken Nuggets Apples Pasta Mixes Spray Starch Deodorant wash
Chicken strips Peaches Garlic/Spices Stain Remover Hand Gel
Hamburger Nectarines Sauces Paper Towels Feminine Product
Sirloin Burgers Lettuce Pancake Mix Toilet Paper Super/Scented
Pork Chops Tomatoes Pancake Syrup Napkins Breathable to-go
Fish Potatoes Spaghetti Toilet cleaner Prescriptions
BBQ Chicken Lemons Oatmeal Dishwashing Liq. Citrus Shampoo
Grilled Salmon Celery Salad Dressing Dishwasher Soap Contact Lens Fluid
Canadian bacon Eggplant Ketchup Glass Cleaner Face Soap
Turkey Lunchmeat Mushrooms Mustard Spray Cleaner Cotton Rounds
Bagels Peanuts Nuts Laundry Spray Ear swabs
Sour Cream Corn Granola Water Softener Shaving Cream
Cheddar Cheese Carrots Rice Foil/Wrap Hair Conditioner
Grated Cheese Cantaloupe Honey Locking Bags Mouthwash
Cheese Sticks Grapefruit Jell-O Mildew remover Hand Soap
Low fat Cheese Zucchini Popcorn Furniture Polish Body Soap
Colby Cheese Crackers Wipes Aspirin
Sliced Cheese Beans tissues Vitamin C, E, B
Cream Cheese Chips & Salsa Clean up Travel Sizes
Corn Dogs Hot Tea Cheerios Dog Food
Plain Yogurt Decaf Tea Bags Special K Dog Snacks
Chocolate Pops Bottled Water Snack Cakes B/W Film
Waffles Apple Juice Pickles Tape
Frozen Pancakes Coffee Hamburger Buns Computer Paper
Frozen Broccoli Capri Suns Peanut Butter Plastic spoons & forks
Frozen Pizza Decaf Coffee Chips for lunches A/C Filter
Frozen Dinners Peach Tea Mac & Cheese Water Softener Salt
Ice Cream Grape Juice Pretzels Printer Ink
Fudgecicles Grapefruit juice Cereal Batteries (AA, C, D, AAA)
Frozen Strawberries Green Tea Brownies Fire Ant Killer
Popsicles Gatorade Spaghetti sauce Clear Light Bulbs

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