While You’re Stuck At Home, Don’t Be Anxious!

By: Megan Muñoz IMH

     On calm sunny days, when we are free to go about life as we wish, many people tend to spend their hours moving from one activity to another. Our constant need to be doing something, going somewhere or engaging something different is often a strategy we use to cope with anxiety, sadness and frustration. But what happens when we are forced to stay indoors in the midst of raging winds and newscasts that make us feel more anxiety and more frustration, and yet limit our mobility? We watch Netflix and YouTube of course! (as long as the electricity holds out). But this activity limits our capacity to expel the anxiety that can and will build up inside of us. When we are anxious, our anxiety produces in us the means to take action, to move in the direction of resolving the source of our anxiety. Movement matters. So when you find yourself at home with nowhere to go, think of creative ways to move in the space you have. Encourage others to join you, because they are also anxious and susceptible to immobility in the midst of anxiety and stress. Below are some ideas to get you thinking and moving  

While you’re stuck at home:
·         Practice yoga, or do stretches
·         Write down or draw out your experience and thoughts
·         Read a book out loud
·         Play hide-and-go-seek, duck duck goose or charades (even if you’re over the age of 12)
·         Dance. If music is unavailable, sing familiar songs together and dance as you sing. 

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