Free CEU Training Friday, April 22nd

Join me for a Free CEU Training Friday- “How to find new Energy to help others, when you are Exhausted – Strategies for Professionals facing Dysfunctional clients and Stressful circumstances” Compassionate professions like counseling have an exceptionally high burnout rate which hampers their ability to achieve long-term career success. Is it possible for a kind-hearted person to set healthy limits with demanding people to prevent job-burnout? There are multiple hidden factors leading to counselor fatigue and professional self-care is usually never taught, rarely discussed and often not practiced. How can today’s busy therapists learn a proven process to use in protecting themselves emotionally to prolong their career while helping as many people as possible? Learning to create a daily process to recharge energy, while preventing exhaustion is essential for long-term career success in the helping fields. Few professionals have been given any training on how to increase their level of personal restoration in proportion to the clinical psychological needs they are facing. This interactive training session is designed to walk professionals through the dangers of emotional depletion from job stress and secondary trauma; while learning the stages of emotional renewal for psychological professionals. Are you equipped to recharge and renew your energy in high-stress situations? Attend this professional development session to gain new skills for long-term career success. Every participant will receive an interactive workbook with key questions, techniques and methods designed to implement emotional renewal while preventing exhaustion in caring for clients facing highly complex situations. Date: Friday, April 22, 2016, 9am – 11pm Registration and breakfast at 8am Location: 6601 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando FL 32821 Central Florida Behavioral Hospital Email Rich Rodriguez by 3/16/15 to register for this free event. or call 407-370-0111

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