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Reasons to Consider Utilizing Behavioral Hospitals

By: Christine Hammond, LMHC

Ever wondered if a behavioral hospital might be a good idea? These facilities are designed to help: an out of control addict, an unusually intense manic episode, a desire and means to commit suicide, a severely abused victim, a troubled teen who threatens to harm others, an intense anger rage, a person hallucinating, or a sudden on-set of confusion and disorganized speech. This following is a list of benefits from hospitalization. 

1. Highlights the dysfunction. A severely depressed person may not even realize just how depressed and dangerously close they are to the edge of suicidality. Placing them in a hospital reinforces the severity of the dysfunction. 

2. Safe from harming self or others. On a very practical level, the behavioral hospitals provide a locked environment where a person is monitored by professionals. It is very difficult to duplicate this level of safety at home. 

3. Supervised detox. In some cases, such as with alcohol withdraw, detoxing can…

How Entitlement Thinking is Destroying Your Kids and Their Future Success in Life

By: Dwight Bain, LMHC

There is a disease affecting almost every child in America, and it can’t be treated at any hospital. The disease is Entitlement Thinking and it crosses into every corner of our country with the attitude of being served and being given more and more to create happiness. Entitlement is the belief that someone automatically deserves special privileges and special treatment and can be identified by one or all of the following symptoms -
Signs of Entitlement Thinking:  ·I want Everything now. ·I don’t want to Work for it. ·I don’t have to clean up my Mistakes. ·I want things because Everyone else has it. ·I expect someone else to Fix all my problems. Psychologist Leon F. Seltzer wrote this description of the disease in Psychology Today: “Those ‘afflicted’ with a sense of entitlement demonstrate the attitude that whatever they want, they deserve- and automatically at that, simply because they are who they are. So anything they desire, whether material or relational, should be …

Twelve Tips to Eliminate Exhaustion in the New Year

By: Christine Hammond, LMHC
How much different would life be if exhaustion wasn’t a factor? It is normal to be physically overwhelmed from long hours at work, ungrateful children, overload of electronic stimulus, and tiresome relatives. But some exhaustion is much deeper. It stems from unmet needs, expectations, ambitions, and hopes. It is compounded by tragedies, disappointments, rejections, and harsh realities. And it encompasses nearly every aspect of life without prejudice. So this year, instead of adding one more thing to an overburdened schedule, how about eliminating exhaustion?  To make this task even more manageable, try focusing on just one item per month. Most habits are set within 30 days so incorporating a new concept each month can make this year considerably better.
1.January: Plan. Start off the year on a good note by calendared all major events for the year. There are several very good on-line calendars and apps that can be viewed on a variety of devices. Some of them e…