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How to Explain Death to a Child

By Christine Hammond, MS, IMH

One of the hardest realities to explain to a child is death especially when it is the death of a parent, sibling, beloved grandparent, close friend or even a favorite pet. As a parent, you try to protect your child from things that might harm them or protect them from things that are too difficult to understand for their age but unfortunately sometimes this is not possible. When you are faced with the reality that you need to have a conversation with your child about death, keep the following ideas in mind.

Don’t lie. Whatever you do say, make sure that you are completely honest with your child. Telling them that a person went to sleep for a long time does not help them and can confuse them later when they do find out the truth. Don’t say anything that would cause your relationship with your child to be in jeopardy later because of a lie, even if it is just a little white lie.

Keep it simple. Long winded explanations may make you feel better but a chil…

Dr. Mark Laaser's 12 Hidden Signs of Male Sex Offenders

1. Is a loner, has no accountability, meaning that he has no one who really knows his struggles. He may have hundreds of friends but no intimate relationships. He doesn’t’ know how to share his feelings and needs in healthy ways (Accountability Principle #2).

2. Spends “special” time with certain people (boys). He takes them on special outings or to special events. Engages in horseplay or any opportunity to touch the boys.

3. Outwardly he is seen touching them, not publicly inappropriately, and touching them often.

4. He is charismatic and very likeable. Therefore, everyone has a very hard time believing that he is doing “awful” things.

5. Uses his charm to form special relationships. He seems more friendly with certain boys than a grownup should be.

6. Gives out his private phone number. Meets at strange times.

7. Uses sexual humor or teasing.

8. Women might experience him as angry. This is because he has a great deal of repressed anger at women. Men experience him as a good old boy.

Big Lessons from the Loss of a Big Tree

By Dwight Bain

The Big Tree burned up last week and I’m still sad. A mysterious fire brought down of one of the world's oldest cypress trees, estimated to be 3,500 years old. The 118-foot-tall bald cypress was the fifth largest tree in the world… but it’s gone now. The fire investigators believe that a fire was sparked in a hollow part of the tree, so it slowly burned up from the inside out. By the time fire fighters were called to save one of the oldest trees in North America – it was too late.

Hearing the news of a landmark I first visited as a child made me feel sad, but it also reminded me of how often people do the same thing. Think about it for a minute. How many times do you see someone who has a great career, but then they self-destruct from the inside-out. Dr. David Uth describes it this way, “You never see the fall in a person’s life – you only see the crash.” Because we can’t see what is burning in people’s lives there is a tendency to believe they are doing well whe…

2012 – The End of the World?

2012 is projected by some to be the year that the world ends; and Christian Coach Dwight Bain hopes they are correct… to a degree.

If people are stuck in habits and routines of the past then Bain says they should live every day as if it was their last... to maximize the moments and make a positive difference for Christ.

Bain has identified the top trends in 2012 that will affect the Baby-Boomer generation, their families, businesses or ministries.

More importantly how you can benefit from making some little changes to achieve big results in this year so that you maximize your potential and experience greater success. These are the top 5 areas that will radically change this year and never be the same:

1. Digital Technology increase across all generations, especially seniors, (Kindle, iPad, mobile banking, DVR, texting)

2. Healthy lifestyles to avoid health crisis and nursing care, (organic everything, gardens, bankruptcy of “Twinkies” parent company – Hostess)

3. Personal …