Positive Parenting

By Linda Riley

Points to Consider:

1. Depend a lot on God and prayer. Pray for them and with them.

2. It is wise to control our children when they are young, as we cannot control the choices adolescents and teens will make.

3. Take an active role in selecting their peer group in their early years of school, choosing children who have parents with similar values. This avoids a lot of problems down the road.

4. Develop their character through deep-focused discussions, teaching important values and beliefs.

5. Provide them with a standard to help measure what is right and what is wrong.

6. Through communication, help them learn how to think and evaluate choices for themselves.

7. Model what you are teaching and what you believe.

8. Be interested in them and what they’re doing.

9. Look for character-building opportunities.

10. Don’t over-control, but confront them on accepting responsibility for their choices and actions.

11. Take children to church and Sunday/Sabbath school when they are young so they have a foundation of truth.

12. Focus on developing a positive relationship with them rather than controlling them.

13. Never give up in frustration! Stay focused on the goal of raising a mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy child.

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