When should you get help for your marriage?

A LifeWorks Group Counseling Checklist

These are the most common factors that can lead to marital crisis. As you read through this list, think about your relationship or the relationship of your friends and co-workers and then focus on the importance of working through issues now to find peace and connection instead of growing distance and eventual divorce.

___When children become the exclusive focus of the marriage
___When one marriage partner dominates or controls the other
___When blaming, shouting, sarcasm or threats become commonplace
___When drugs or alcohol abuse is an issue
___When physical or sexual abuse occurs
___When sexual or financial issues are ignored or are a constant battleground
___When trust is violated over money, morality or unexplained absences
___When affection and kindness to each other ceases
___When outside factors (job stress, child issues, financial crisis) increase
___When it is easier to discuss feelings with someone of the opposite sex other than your marriage partner

If you see three or more of the above factors, then it may be time to call a professional to prevent greater problems. You can talk to a LifeWorks Group counselor on the phone now at 407.647.7005. There is no cost for a brief consult to discuss your situation and the call is completely confidential.

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