Barb Waldron- A Heart to Help Others

Barb Waldron is a Master’s level intern completing her Counseling Psychology degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Orlando. She loves to celebrate life and help others feel appreciated, cherished and valued so they can experience the difference their lives make to others.

She has a passion to inspire hope and develop people’s potential through counseling, training, and public speaking, to create positive change in people’s lives. Her areas of interest are empowering people to break free from the limitations of their past and walk into their God-given freedom, as well as finding meaning after stressful loss or change. She has served for almost twenty years in corporate America as an Employee Advocate to guide employees in personal or professional crisis, and to help them achieve resolution of major conflicts by finding rapid solutions. She has created employee recognition programs and championed the corporate culture, earning a reputation for trustworthiness and excellence.

Barb is also a leader with Cleansing Stream Ministries, an international Christian discipleship ministry dedicating to helping people walk with God daily, teaching them how to break free from their painful traumas, unwanted habits, addictions, relationship problems, and anything that hinders growth - resulting in living a victorious Christian life. She has helped over 150 people overcome significant life issues through this ministry. Barb believes that the power of prayer and daily Bible study lead to the abundant life God has for each person.

As a public speaker, Barb delivers inspiring messages of hope that illuminate people’s strengths and point them toward God’s faithfulness to respond to their struggles and challenges. She created a Career Intervention Workshop to help employees disillusioned with their careers cultivate a new awareness of their God given strengths to help them succeed with powerful transformations in their professional and personal life. Barb also serves as a volunteer with Samaritan Care Hospice in Orlando to help families manage grief and loss. She is the co-creator of Acts of Encouragement a monthly community outreach to help people in need.

Academically, Barb’s background is extensive, having studied at Asbury Theological Seminary with a focus on leadership, spiritual development, and counseling, which led to a her desire to pursue a professional career in counseling. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Campbell University in North Carolina.


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