Trashed Opportunities

By Deedra Hunter, LMHC

As a mental health counselor for over 30 years I have watched clients let go of their childhood traumas and achieve great success. I was reminded of this recently as I heard someone talk about feeling fearful about something they heard on the national news which caused them to throw their tomatoes away. Let me explain. I was at a luncheon last week when the topic of tomatoes came up due to the recent salmonella scare. A woman at my table said she had just thrown away all the new, beautiful, juicy, red, ripe tomatoes she had just bought at our local farmers market.. When I asked why she looked at me as if I had been off the planet for awhile and said "haven't you heard about all the tomatoes being poisoned? It's so scary". "I know that Florida grown tomatoes are safe for us to eat" I responded. "No they're not" she insisted. "Yes they are" I insisted back.

After many minutes spent reassuring her I had researched the tomato issue thoroughly and felt comfortable to keep enjoying them in my salads she took a long breath and stated she was still too scared to eat any. It was at that moment I wondered how many other things my lunch companion had missed because of a lack of knowledge and fear. Just as she had trashed perfectly good tomatoes I am sure she has trashed perfectly good opportunities.

I invite you to think about the things you may have let go of or opportunities you may have passed up because of a lack of knowledge (about yourself, others, or the situation) and fear. Dr. Henry Cloud in his new book The Secret Things Of God says it perfectly:" As you grow, God and life will reward your growth by giving you opportunities and open doors." Don't trash what God wants for you. Have the courage to gain knowledge and replace fear with faith.

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About the Author: Deedra Hunter is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has multiple certifications from the University of Miami in eating disorders and substance abuse with over 30 years of experience. She is a best selling author and media personality who has hosted radio talk shows in Orlando and Miami, as well as having been a popular television personality interviewed on the network television affiliates of NBC, CBS and independent news stations throughout Florida. Deedra's newest book comes out nationally next year.

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