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The Rose

“The Rose”
by Jim Rohn, author & motivational speaker

Lifestyle is style over amount. And style is an art - the art of living. You can't buy style with money. You can't buy good taste with money. You can only buy more with money. Lifestyle is culture - the appreciation of good music, dance, art, sculpture, literature, plays and the art of living well. It's a taste for the fine, the unique, the beautiful.
Lifestyle also means rewarding excellence wherever you find it by not taking the small things of life for granted. With Valentine's Day approaching I wanted to illustrate this with a personal anecdote:
Many, many years ago my lady friend and I were on a trip to Carmel, California for some shopping and exploring. On the way we stopped at a service station. As soon as we parked our car in front of the pumps, a young man, about eighteen or nineteen, came bouncing out to the car and with a big smile said, "Can I help you?"
"Yes," I answered. "A ful…

What’s Love got to do with it?

What’s Love got to do with it?
Understanding the real meaning of love

By Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Life Coach

“What is Love?” I overheard a little girl ask her father at the table next to me at a local restaurant. He stammered and tried to explain that it was a good feeling that you have for someone that you care about. “But what if you feel bad?” she said. The dad stammered again and didn’t do a very good job of explaining this basic emotion that we all have experienced. Then it dawned on me. Could I do a better job? Nope. The question is a tough one. What is this thing we call love? Pop singer Tina Turner explained it this way, “what’s love got to do with it? What’s love, but a second hand emotion.” The 1980’s rocker Huey Lewis sang about the “power of love,” but didn’t explain what it was. So what is it?

Culture defines love as a romantic, “warm-fuzzy” emotion that you can have during a “chick-flick” or toward the New York Yankees, pizza, …