What is “Life Management” and how can it save you time by providing problem solving skills?

Find out if this weekly training seminar is for you!
Do you want to learn how to better manage your emotions and relationships?
Are you looking for creative ways to deal with the stress in your life from a clear biblical perspective?
Do you learn faster in a high-content seminar based environment instead of a small group?
Have you found a safe place for regular personal and spiritual development?
Would a weekly Life Management Seminar add value to your busy lifestyle?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then here's some good news! Dwight Bain, (author, counselor and life coach) teaches an innovative seminar every weekend designed to be a creative place to learn how to manage daily life pressures. This life-management seminar will also feature other local authors who are experts in their career field along with practical insights from Bain’s 25 years helping people find creative answers to solve complex situations. Each week we will take an in-depth look at real life issues to improve your quality of life from a solidly Christian perspective.

Here are some of the dozens of life-application topics we will be covering:
How to rebuild your broken world
The power of a dream
Biblical anger management
Managing a major life crisis
Dealing with control freaks
Breaking the procrastination cycle
Change your habits-before they change you!
How to deal with difficult relationships
What the Bible says about abuse
Building lasting friendships
Mid-life career transitions
Strategic ways to solve stress
Overcoming fears and anxiety
Keys to connection with others
Finding God's purpose in your career
Building balance into your daily life

“The primary goal is to become a safe and growing spiritual community to honor Christ where people can learn more about applying God's principles to better manage their daily lives. I believe this group will meet a huge need in our community of people who don't know where they fit spiritually, but are seeking a place to grow in their faith, as well as meeting the same need for people already attending a church worship experience, but lack a place to feel comfortable to grow deeper in their faith through a large group Bible study setting which deals exclusively with life management issues.” ~ Dwight Bain

Who can attend and what's the cost?
The vision for this weekly training session is to bring people from literally every part of our community seeking answers together for the purposes of growing stronger through spiritual and personal development. First Baptist of Orlando provides the training site and is a big place, so a large workshop environment creates a safe entry point to make it easier for folks to begin to feel comfortable in their own faith journey, which may lead to exploring other First Orlando church programs that benefit them. However, many people may just come to attend the weekly seminar, which is perfectly okay. This group is open to anyone, especially anyone going through a season of transition or difficulty who just needs a practical life application lesson to get through the week by God's grace. Our Bible study format will function in a large group seminar type of setting, where you can just sit back, listen and gain the insights you need to have a better quality of life. Our doors are open to anyone, of any faith, culture or background, and just about any age, (probably high school and beyond will benefit most). And the cost is f.r.e.e!

When & Where?
Every week we will meet together using the facilities of Henry Chapel on the campus of First Baptist Church of Orlando, who are kind enough to donate a space for our workshop to meet. (note: Henry Chapel is a round building, located in the ‘Love’ parking lot near "welcome center A", which is the entrance closest to I-4 and the McDonalds on L.B. McLeod Road. Visit www.FirstOrlando.com for a detailed map of the campus, which will show you the exact location of Henry chapel, named in honor of recently retired Senior Pastor, Jim Henry). We will meet in Henry Chapel every Sunday, from 9:20-10:20 AM. The building seats about 400, but we anticipate that this class will typically be in a seminar type setting with about a hundred or so people per week. You will need to bring a pen or pencil, since there will be detailed notes available on every topic discussed to enhance and deepen your learning experience.

What about small children?
Childcare is free and provided in a secure setting designed by some really talented people who are masters at creating fun learning experiences to add value to the spiritual and intellectual development of kids. The child care facility at First Baptist is considered one of the safest in the country, with every child care worker having passed extensive background check to insure the safety of every child. The security check-in process the first time a child visits a spiritual growth class for their age group, (birth to age 12) takes a few extra minutes, (each child is registered under a security tag that will only match the one given to the parent or grandparent who dropped them off), so plan your time accordingly.

Also, there are a full range of spiritual growth classes and programs designed just for teens, which don't take as long to register for, but do meet in a different building. Ask any of the greeters with name tags in any of the welcome centers and they will gladly help you find just the right spot for your child so they have an amazing growth experience as well. Campus maps are available at the website, www.firstorlando.com or simply by asking any of the dozens of greeters for one until you are comfortable finding your way around.

How can you help?
If you, or someone you care about is seeking a seminar type of learning experience to deepen their faith, or strengthen their personal life, could you help us by spreading the word? You are welcome to come check it out for yourself, or pass this information along to a friend who may be going through a difficult time. Post the information on your MySpace, Facebook, YouTube or blog. Tell your coworkers, email your friends or call your family members who may benefit from this unique personal growth experience; because I believe there are hundreds, if not thousands of lonely people who would be open to a practical lesson on how to manage their life from a Christian perspective, if they only knew where it was and how to get there. We want this weekly training seminar to become the answer to the prayers of people in our community seeking this type of personal and spiritual growth experience that's why we are asking that you help us by praying for this new group, as well as helping us to spread the word to others as it may fit their needs. Remember, if you don't already have a home church, know you are welcome to join us and visit the new Christian life management group. (9:20-10:20 AM on Sundays).

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Your teacher and coach on this journey,
Dwight Bain

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