Problem Solving Process by Dwight Bain, LMHC

State the Problem in a way that it can be solved.
· You are so messy. Not a solvable problem.
· You haven’t been getting your clothes into the hamper. This can be solved.

Brainstorm all possible solutions without evaluating them.
· Put a hamper in the bedroom and the bathroom.
· Pay someone else to pick up the clothes.
· Do your own laundry.
· Buy new clothes and throw away the used ones.
· Wear wrinkled/dirty clothes.
· Post reminder notes around the house about picking up the clothes.
· Etc.
· Etc.

Evaluate the possibilities.
· What will happen if I pick this option?
· How will this one work?
. Pick one, or a combination, to try out.

· Many people omit this step.
· Schedule a time and date to re-evaluate how the solution is working.
· If it is not working, then go back to step two and start over again.

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