Falling in love can happen quickly, unexpectedly and with little effort, but staying in love requires commitment, dedication and lots of effort. Great marriages rarely just happen they are co-created by the partners. So, if you are not happy with the relationship you have created why not seek professional help to create something that really works. All of the marital research clearly concludes that the best predictor of overall happiness in life is marital happiness. When people are in a happy marriage they perform better in all other aspects of their lives, such as; in their jobs and as parents. Happily married people live longer and are physically and emotionally healthier. As divorce has become more common ( 50% of marriages end in divorce) and therefore more socially acceptable couples expect higher levels of marital satisfaction to keep the marriage together. Marriage Counseling is not limited to severely dysfunctional couples it can also be an effective way to enrich an already reasonably happy relationship. Often people who do opt for divorce down the road regret their decision and believe they should have tried harder to make their first marriage work.

Here are a few symptoms that indicate your marriage is in trouble:
1. repetitive arguments or constant fighting and an inability to resolve conflict
2. one or both partners have a lot of hurt, anger and resentment build-up
3. feel negative or even hostile toward your partner
4. don't spend much time together or actually find yourself avoiding one another
5. feel like your partner doesn't really know or understand you
6. don't trust your partner or feel insecure
7. feel a sense of inequality in the relationship
8. rarely talk or listen to one another
9. little or no affection in the relationship
10. sexual frequency has radically declined

Some issues can be resolved in just a few sessions whereas others may require more extended therapy. Don't hesitate to begin counseling it can help you create a stronger and happier marriage.The difference between happily married couples and unhappily married couples isn't the problems they have but how they deal with them. Relationships are never stagnant they are always evolving why not take control of yours and help it change for the better now before it is too late.

Written by: Linda Riley, A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Counselor who has counseled family's and couples for over 22 years. Her focus has been with enriching relationships and understanding relationship dynamics. Promoting personl growth and building healthy self-concepts to help her clients achieve maximum results in their personal and professional lives.

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