Family dinner is vanishing because the family has vanished.

Family dinner is vanishing because the family has vanished. I know a Mom who IM'ed her kids that dinner was on the table and then whoever showed up got to eat and whoever was in the middle of a video game got what was left. Everyone is busy and pulled in a dozen directions these days, which prohibits sitting down over anything together, let alone a meal.

School, work, commute, ball practice, music lessons, going to the Y to work out, shopping, and everything else eats away at the concept of 'traditional family.' That model of family vanished and so did that model of how to get together.

Today I encourage families to get together with their schedules on Sunday night, map out how and when to connect, or when they will be going to the same place at the same time to be together. The goal is connection, we don't do that around a kitchen table much these days, but we still can connect if we take the time to plan for it and then make it happen. "

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