Counseling results over the Internet?

The British Journal of Psychiatry published research a few months ago indicating that the success rate for Internet counseling was about the same as traditional counseling. Here's a portion of my thoughts about that study as it applies to positive change in the lives of people in Europe or the US. "Taking any positive action to change brightens up our mood, because we are moving forward to do something about an area of our life that needs improvement. Internet-based therapy could generate short-term results in mood for many people who are too busy to schedule a counseling appointment, or too exhausted, or too afraid to go through the process of trying to get in and see a qualified professional.Often, mild depression is caused by the accumulated daily stress of life, career pressures, relationship issues, the consequences of past decisions, or even something seemingly trivial, like traffic. I suspect the results of the study reflects people who know they need to work on an area of life, because taking action after gaining quick access to insightful answers always moves people forward.

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