How do you motivate people toward making a major change?

Here's the secret... you can't motivate people, (and I've been a motivational speaker for thirty years!), but you can motivate yourself. Here are a few insights to show you the real source of personal power and that is in understanding how Mood influences Motivation.

First principle- Motivation and Mood are connected, with Mood being the primary psychological driver. People can't change until these two internal drives are connected since one fuels the other.

Second principle- Motivation without Mood is a temporary change at best, since the individual stays in a passive state, waiting and waiting on the externals to crank up their energy (think about a cheering session of 'rah-rah/ blah-blah' that pumps up the moment, without creating lasting change).

Third principle- Mood alone without Motivation is like chasing a pleasurable feeling, you might catch it, but not for long. (think of somewhere between the classic rock song lyrics of 'I'm hooked on a feeling" & "wasting away again in Margaritaville").

I've coached people and organizations through massive change with this sequential process to build positive energy to make major change and have seen that it is extremely effective. My mentor and friend John Maxwell taught this to me over a decade ago and now I'm sharing it with you. Try it if you are serious about experiencing change to achieve greater results in your personal as well as professional life.

1) Educate- which is about getting the right information and facts to your head

2) Equip- which is about getting the right skill development and behavior to your hands

3) Empower- which is about getting the right beliefs and emotions to your heart

The power to change comes from the heart first.
Get that right and the head and hands will always follow.

If you want to live a better life today; march toward the things that scare you most and trust that God will guide you past the fear of change as you keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

(Tip: A wonderful example of this process in easily seen in the film, "Last Holiday" with Queen Latifah, as her character is forced to face her fears of dying, which freed her to actually go out and enjoy living. Worth watching if you need get past your fears, or want to use a simple story to challenge a friend or family member to think on a deeper level by talking after the film. This brings the relationship to a deeper level as well, so call this technique, 'film-debriefing' and try it often to let every life experience challenge you toward improvement and strength.)

Dwight Bain Bio:Author, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Family Law Mediator in practice since 1984 with a primary focus on solving crisis events and managing major change. Professional member of the National Speakers Association and Critical Incident Stress Management expert with the Orange County Sheriffs Office, founder of and trainer for over 1,000 business groups on the topic of making strategic change to overcome major stress- both personally & professionally. Access more life coaching strategies at

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