What are the psychological dynamics behind women and worry?

Women worry about many different topics, from men to body image to relationships to their mother's approval; yet the same psychological drive is fueling this stressful emotion no matter what triggers it. I believe the real source behind the worry most women feel is control.

Not control in the sense of being a manipulative monster, (like Jane Fonda's character in a recent film), rather it's the need to know what's happening around her so she can feel empowered and in control of her emotions and environment.

Think of it this way. When control goes up, worry goes down because the more a woman can understand the more she will automatically feel a sense of security and confidence inside. However, as a situation begins to feel out of control, worry dramatically increases, leading to more serious conditions like Social Phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorders or even Panic Attacks if left untreated.

Women process information verbally which is why they need to talk through so many issues to feel comfortable. When a woman feels connected through communication she feels confident and alive, instead of afraid. Guys would do well to figure out that they could make rapid improvement in their relationships simply by listening, instead of lecturing the women in their life.

Written by: Dwight Bain, Author, Speaker & Certified Counselor

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