How do city leaders respond after a major natural disaster?

I believe that real change only comes because of a crisis or a choice.
Crisis forces change after a major disaster because people don't want their kids to ever have to live through the trauma they experienced as they watched their city destroyed in front of their eyes.
Choice is a different motivator because it's driven by learning from the mistakes or difficulties of others.  Focused leaders know there will be more disasters, it's just a matter of time until its their turn.  By developing stronger cities now they are better prepared for whatever may come in the future. 
When community leaders show they are being proactive by planning ahead of future storms they model the one thing you can control in a disaster situation- how prepared you will be to face it. 
Consider this example- The terrorist attacks of 9/11 forced the passengers on United Flight 93 to quickly change by giving them two things.  One was accurate information and the other was an opportunity to move on it.  They're heroes today because they saw where their disaster was heading and took bold action to do something about it.  My hope is that city leaders will see the coming storms and do the same.
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