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Are You an Exhausted Woman? By: Christine Hammond

Are You an Exhausted Woman?
As a wife, mother of three, full-time counselor, author, speaker, PTA mom, and assistant caretaker, I’m exhausted from doing too many things at once. I once heard a speaker say that multi-tasking is impossible — when you multi-task, you are really only giving partial attention to many things. And that’s exactly how I feel, because my life doesn’t stop long enough to give my full attention to anything. I’m exhausted not just in the physical sense, but deep inside to the point that death actually seems attractive some days. Ever felt that way?
Yet I’ve also learned that deep exhaustion can be beat. It is real. It is not your imagination or a result of you being inadequate in some way. Rather, it is a syndrome creeping into your existence due to unmet needs, expectations, ambitions, and hopes. It is compounded by tragedies, disappointments, rejections, and harsh realities. And it has encompassed nearly every aspect of your life without prejudice.
Could you be suf…

Depression Warning Signs and Understanding What to do About it by Dwight Bain

The Associated Press reported for decades that Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams struggled with clinical depression. He had won every award, had achieved fame, fortune and the status of a global celebrity. Yet, in previous interviews he described his life as a “meaningless struggle.” Fame will not make you feel better, and drugs or alcohol only numb the pain. He had trouble getting out of bed many days and was hospitalized or placed in treatment centers multiple times. But it still didn’t change the outcome. Why?
How come a talented man with so much to live for wasn’t able to reinvent his life to move past depression and why did he have to die alone?   What can you learn from his tragic death to help the people you care about not drown in depression? I believe if you can talk through it – you can get through it, so talking about the subject of depression is important. It may lead thousands of others to take time out to evaluate their own lives, or the lives of those the…