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Natural Disaster Recovery Guide-Part 3

By Dwight Bain

What can people expect in the weeks ahead?
"Hurry up and wait," will be the motto that a lot of people will think about in the days ahead. This is because the daily life activities like filling up a gas tank, taking a warm shower, or driving through a busy intersection with working traffic lights, have been dramatically disrupted. Life is usually out of balance for weeks or sometimes even months after a major disaster, and while no one likes it, we all have to get through it.

There may be long lines for many of the basic products or services necessary to survive or care for our loved ones; so prepare now for the fact that may be difficult at times. Major storms can kill hundreds of people, shatter billboards, rip traffic lights from their poles, splinter trees, shred awnings or screen rooms, rip apart electric-cable-phone-Internet transmission lines, snap off traffic signs, seriously damage thousands of homes and cause millions to sometimes even billions of do…

Natural Disaster Recovery Guide-Part 2: Kids

Kids and Natural Disasters

By Dwight Bain

How does a critical incident like this affect kids?
It depends on the age of the child. The younger the child, the more they look to their parents for emotional security and strength. If a Mom or Dad are “shell-shocked" or “numb” and not able to manage their own emotions or responsibilities; the child will feel that pressure and become very confused and further stressed. Remember, it's normal to be overwhelmed by a major disaster. This is why it's so important to take care of yourself in order to take care of your children and those your care about through the long period of recovery and rebuilding after the storm.

Think about the advice given on commercial airliners to parents traveling with small children. “Should there be an unexpected cabin de-pressurization; oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. Place the mask over your nose and mouth like this and then place the mask over the mouth and nose of those around you needing…

Natural Disaster Recovery Guide-Part 1

Strategies to Rebuild your Life, Home & Business

By Dwight Bain

Storms can be deadly. That's why emergency weather management facilities send out such serious warnings ahead of time to protect the lives of our children, homes and communities. We know to stay inside during severe weather and to unplug our televisions and computers because we know that in bad weather bad things can happen. We know to prepare ahead of time by keeping a watchful eye on tracking the storm and stocking up on the resources needed to get through it safely, like flashlight batteries, bottled water, first aid kits and other essential survival supplies. However, what we usually don’t know is how to deal with the devastating emotions that come after a terrible storm hits. Emotions like stress, anger, worry, depression, anxiety and panic are common in our busy world but can build up to dangerous levels after a critical incident, which often can lead to disastrous results.

Natural disasters can destro…

Second Chances with God

(Editor’s note: this is a transcript of a message given by Dwight Bain during the Easter Sunrise service at Sea World in the Bayside Stadium, April 24, 2011)

I’ve been praying for you and our time together this morning for months, praying that this message would add value to your journey because I believe your life is actually an incredible story, it’s not boring, it’s an adventure, maybe more of an adventure than you want… but I still love a great story and don’t we all love great stories?

Our family loves movie nights when we can fly back in time in a DeLorean with Doc Brown across the time/space continuum to good old 1955. Or visit a Galaxy far, far away a long time ago during Star Wars to hear these famous words… (Heavy Breathing), “Luke, I am your Father.” or Climb the mountains of Middle Earth on a quest toward Mordor with Frodo, Gandalf, Sam, Gimli & Aragorn in “Lord of the Rings” Or hear Peter, one of the sons of Adam, as he raises his sword on the battlefield toward the …