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Mental Disorder in the Family

By: Dr. Tim Clinton

Encourage the family member or concerned friend of a mentally ill person in the following Action Steps.

Action Steps

Lessen the Risks
If there is any risk of violence, get professionals involved immediately. Remove any weapons (guns, knives and anything else sharp, ropes, scarves, sheets, or belts) and drugs from the home. If the person appears to be suicidal, try to observe him [her] until help arrives. If the person is expressing extreme anger or paranoia, get out of the way. Do not block the individual’s exit. Instead, let him [her] leave and then call 911.

Get Professional Help
Talk with a professional if your loved one is: threatening violence, causing financial hardship, abusing substances, participating in dangerous or destructive acts, or disappearing without explanation.

Get Medical Help
The answer to the problem may lie in a drug that will help stabilize your loved one’s disordered brain chemistry. Psychiatric treatment should always be considered in such case…