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Why Strong Men Fall into Lustful Addiction

By Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor

Sarah woke up from a deep sleep at 3 AM and realized that her husband wasn’t in bed, so she got up to see if he was okay. She was not prepared for what she saw next. Her husband of 27 years, who she respected as a man of integrity, was sitting in front of their home computer in some sort of “trance” while looking at the most sexually graphic pictures that she had ever seen.

Mark,” she shouted! “What are you doing?” Mark was shocked to see her, but then looked up into the confused eyes of his wife and sobbed out, “I don’t know.”

Sadly this sort of scene is played out every single day in good homes all across the country. Research shows there are over 1,000 “adult” pornographic sites added to the internet every week, which are readily available to anyone surfing the web looking for a quick sexual thrill.

Sexual addiction is a huge problem for all segments of society, including Christian circles. The Men’s group ‘Promise Keepers’ did a confid…

Difficult Relationship Recovery

Building Strength and Setting Boundaries to Solve People's Problems

By Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Life Coach

Do the closest people to you bring great joy or deep pain? The answer may reveal the level of relationship connection you have with them, as well as indicate if your future together will be blessed with contentment or broken up by conflict. If you are confused about your relationships or spend too much time wondering what to do next, then you need to learn how to respond directly to the problems instead of stuffing your doubts and fears inside.

There is a verse in the Bible that teaches the importance of developing a clear plan of action to achieve a positive result, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22, NIV). This principle applies to all of life and is a reminder of the importance of allowing others to come into our life to help guide us to a path of greater success. It is my hope that you w…