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Natural Disaster Recovery Guide-

Strategies to rebuild your life, home & business

By: Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor

Storms can be deadly. That's why emergency weather management facilities send out such serious warnings ahead of time to protect the lives of our children, homes and communities. We know to stay inside during severe weather and to unplug our televisions and computers because we know that in bad weather bad things can happen. We know to prepare ahead of time by keeping a watchful eye on tracking the storm and stocking up on the resources needed to get through it safely, like flashlight batteries, bottled water, first aid kits and other essential survival supplies. However, what we usually don’t know is how to deal with the devastating emotions that come after a terrible storm hits. Emotions like stress, anger, worry, depression, anxiety and panic are common in our busy world but can build up to dangerous levels after a critical incident, which often can lead to disastrous results…

Grandfather's Story- Storms make you Stronger

By: Dwight Bain

The last few years of major hurricanes seem to have brought out the worst in nature and the best in people since there were countless stories of how neighbors connected to each other as neighbors to recover after the storms. Yet, I believe the greatest stories are the ones that will be told a generation from now. Stories like this one between an aged grandfather and his grandkids during a fierce afternoon thunderstorm some sixty years from now.

Picture the old man distracting the frightened children from the wind and rain outside by sitting them down to tell about the time that he and his daddy made it through the "Monster Storm Season back in '04". How his family reached out to help the people in the neighborhood get back on their feet after being knocked flat with 100MPH winds because they were too overwhelmed to make it back up alone.

The grandkids sit wide-eyed in anticipation of a story from their poppa. He takes a breath while balancing a sleeping …

Depression warning signs and understanding what to do about it

A special report from Dwight Bain and the LifeWorks Group of Counselors

Recently the Associated Press reported that long-time TV journalist Dick Cavett, struggled with clinical depression for decades. This is amazing because at the height of his career, he was more popular than Larry King and Regis put together. He described his life as ‘lifeless, the simplest daily actions were excruciating.’ He had trouble getting out of bed and eventually was hospitalized under an assumed name. Cavett eventually stabilized with the help of therapy and was able to enjoy life and his career again. His willingness to talk about his painful journey through depression as a media personality has led thousands of others to take time out to evaluate their own lives, or the lives of those they care about. The following special report and depression warning symptoms check lists can help you better understand depression, what often causes it and what to do about it. Remember, if you are experiencing overwhelmi…

Understanding "The Shack"

a parable by William Paul Young

Commentary and review from Dwight Bain

Here's an analysis of "The Shack" as well as some brief reviews from USA Today and The New York Times, where the book has rocketed onto their best seller list with almost one million in print in just over a year. (Unheard of for a self-published title). Also below is the testimony of Paul Young, the author, which explains much of his orientation in writing a book like this one; which was almost an autobiography of his own healing journey from sexual abuse and adultery. The author spoke in the Orlando areas a few months back and I was able to hear and understand his heart and motivation to write this book. Knowing the author will always give you a better understanding of the intended message, and often will help you to understand why so many people are connecting to this little paperback book about getting past their secrets, shame and pain to really feeling free in a relationship with God as their "…

The Right Way to Leave a Job

By Mary Ellen Tribby

In my 20-plus years in business, I have seen many employees leave their jobs for many different reasons. Some were asked to leave, and some left on their own. Some left for good reasons, some left for inane ones.
But no matter why you leave a job, keep this in mind: There is a right way and a wrong way to exit an organization.
If you leave a job the wrong way, you could wind up ruining your reputation - or even making an enemy for the rest of your life. And that could affect any career you pursue. But if you leave a job the right way, you can preserve - even enhance - your reputation, strengthen your relationship with your new boss, and help ensure that you'll get rave reviews any time a potential employer looks into your work history.

The right way to leave a job simply involves taking 3 key steps:

1) Announce your resignation
It does not matter if you have been employed by the company for a month or 10 years... never e-mail your resignation or announce it with a p…

Creating Positive Change in spite of Crisis

By Dwight Bain, Certified Life Coach & Nationally Certified Counselor

Change... it is a part of life that we don’t like to face. Oh we may speculate on what it would be like to live some where else, move to another house, take another job in another industry, move away from mom and dad, or marry our 'dream date'. We like to talk about the big changes that we may go through one day; but let's face it. Most people hate to go through a major change. I think we tend to avoid change like the plague; even though we know in our heads that God will ultimately use change to grow us into a stronger person through the process.

Some of the changes in life are predictable.

Losing our first tooth, the independence that comes from a driver’s license, graduation, moving out on our own, and other expected stages of life. Some changes are not pleasant, but equally common. A new-born baby not sleeping well and the parents struggling to find the energy to cope with an infants continu…