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Counseling & Coffee… Understanding the difference between traditional Psychology and Biblical Counseling

Counseling & Coffee… Understanding the difference between traditional psychology and Biblical counseling

by Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Life Coach

Recently a 6th grade student asked me a very insightful question after a chapel service for her home-school group in Orlando. She wanted to know the difference between the kind of psychology talked about on popular television programs and Christian counseling. It was a great question because every day the industry of psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy become more and more a normal part of our culture, but often this popular source of advice doesn’t include the kind of wise counsel talked about in the Bible. Here's how I answered her question with hopes that it will add value to your journey as well.

I believe that psychology is the study of human nature and behavior, which is extremely useful to reveal
Why people do the things they do.
However, psychology is often unreliable on guiding people with

Why Don't People Change?

Understanding the connection between feeling ‘normal’ and being ‘healthy’
By Dwight Bain

People don't change until they think they need to, in fact, it’s completely and totally impossible to experience real behavioral change, (lasting longer than 21 days), without understanding this foundational process and more importantly, knowing what to do about it in your personal life or situation. This is based on the dramatic difference between two extremely powerful dynamics that can be traced back to our deepest beliefs which lay buried inside our heart, (spirit) and our brain, (soul). It is essential to know the difference between these two psychological elements because it is the absolute most important part of moving forward to experience dramatic life change.

Until you understand how this internal process impacts you personally, you will be helpless and powerless as you spiral back and forth between habitual behavior and hopelessness. However, when you take time to understand these inte…

The Benefits of Therapy

By Linda Riley, LMFT & Certified Sex Therapist

Emotions are normal and we experience them everyday. How we deal with them affects us in positive or negative ways. Not dealing with them at all will lead to problems in our relationships with others, either at home or at work. When we are struggling with negative emotions we expend a lot of negative energy which tremendously affects our productivity and can leave us feeling drained and depressed. Therapy provides a constructive way to process these emotions and prevent us from remaining stuck and developing self-defeating behaviors. First of all it can help us better identify and understand our emotions by recognizing where they come from and how to manage them.

Challenging life circumstances provide opportunities to grow and develop a stronger sense of who we really are. How we chose to respond to our circumstances leaves us feeling positive or negative about ourselves. Each choice we make affects us in either a small or large way, an…