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How can you keep your home “SAFE?” Parenting tips for Mom’s from Nationally Certified Counselor, Dwight Bain

Here’s a simple way to remember how to make your home life the most peaceful part of your day, (instead of a war zone). Just remember the letters to the word S.A.F.E. as a way to keep focused on making some healthy changes to improve the quality of life at your house. Here’s what they stand for:

S- Structure.
Keeping a structured schedule with regular routines will keep everyone in your home feeling more secure. Regular mealtimes, bedtimes, prayer time and family fun time create strength inside of a child during these uncertain times. Having life on a predictable and structured schedule will help your child stay on a track of personal responsibility from their childhood, which makes them stronger for a lifetime.

A- Accountability.
Having other healthy people in your extended family, neighbors or church family is a great way to stay focused and not let negative patterns develop, because someone who loves you will be asking you the hard questions to keep your family life on track, and mo…


As I look around at this crazy world we live in, a world where addictions are rampant, random violence is increasing, relationships are ending at alarming rates, and children are suffering, I cannot help but ask why. Why are men running into the arms of women other than their wives? Why are drugs like marijuana and LSD becoming more and more common amongst adolescents? Why is alcoholism still the escape of choice for many people? Why are so many young girls offering their bodies to any man that shows them positive attention? Why is there such restlessness in the hearts of people?

It seems that this longing or void in the hearts of the human race is not exclusive to anyone in particular. Christians and non-Christians alike suffer from this same malady of the heart. It is not exclusive to either gender; men and women may respond in different ways but the motive is usually the same, “I must fill the pain and emptiness within”.

The more I seek the Lord for answers t…