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A New Year…A New Start Written by: Devie Forrester, Marriage & Family Student Intern

There is something about a new year that prompts us to reflect and renew. Many of us find ourselves thinking about all the things we could have, would have and should done in the past year as we ponder on how we can do more and better in the upcoming one.


What is it that informs your decision making? Are you driven by competition to outdo others, or are you aware of your unique circumstance/reality? We must make sustainable goals. In order for us to do this, our goals must be achievable. For example, you may resolve to 'exercise for three hours a day, every day in the coming year' when in fact you are a working mother of three, going to school in the evenings, who has never exercised regularly before. Setting realistic goals is by no means lowering expectations of yourself. It is rather, the facilitation of success that is borne of the awareness of your current reality. Forget the status quo and the Jones’s. What can you maintain? What can you manage? Wh…