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Kids and War Anxiety: What Can Parents Do?

By: Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor and Life Coach

In the midst of a war situation, many parents are wondering what can be done to protect their kids from additional stress and anxiety. Here are some helpful steps to make sure that your son or daughter is safe.

Watch for the warning signs of anxiety.

Here are some of the symptoms and behaviors that may indicate your child has been overexposed to the traumatic emotions that follow a crisis situation. Remember that your main goal is to protect the child and not minimize or deny their emotional symptoms. The more symptoms present, the greater the need for the child to receive additional support and care from family, clergy, or a counseling or medical professional.

- Major changes in energy level, especially lethargy or helplessness
- Heightened fear and worry about the war, or being bombed or attacked
- Changes in sleep patterns, especially nightmares or night terrors
- Regressive behavior, (e.g. "baby talk", clingy to pa…