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Four Critical Issues Facing Teens Today

by Jessica Gilstrap, LMHC Lying They are not being honest and straightforward with what is really going on. (i.e. moral behavior)May be lying about where they go and whom they are with.Frequently lie about their true thoughts and feelings that may not “line up” with what they have been taught. (i.e. church kids telling us what we “want” to hear).EntitlementChildren wanting and expecting more and more “stuff”.They have an incessant need/desire to keep up with their peer groups. They expect it, not matter what the cost.Parents and or teachers may even see “acting out” (i.e. attitudes, rebellion, anger) when they don’t get what they think they deserve.Nothing ever seems to be enough…Alcohol/DrugsAlcohol is the leading cause of death among teenagers. It contributes substantially to adolescent motor vehicle crashes, other traumatic injuries, suicide, date rape, and family and school problems.LSD or acid still ranks high on the list of teenage drug use. This drug is so dangerous because it …

Understanding Mother/Daughter Conflict

By: Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor and Life Coach

One of the most challenging relationships in life is found between mothers and their daughters. This dynamic might occur early in childhood or during the teen years, or in some cases go on for years into adulthood. At its worst, the friction and fights generated by these conflicts can destroy a family. Understanding what is causing the conflict in a home is the beginning of solving the problem. The four most common conflict styles daughters use to do battle with their mothers are listed below as well as what to do to cope with the conflict to bring peace back to your home.

1) KIA- Know it all's
Showing disrespect through continual arguments to degrade their Mom and discredit her authority as a parent.
Mood:Bossy, harsh, critical, aloof and continual verbal conflict. (Mood worsens as Mom confronts her behavior).
Message: "I'm in control of my life, you can't tell me what to do- so don't even try. Wak…

Dealing with Difficult Relationships: Building Strength and Setting Boundaries

By: Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor and Life Coach Do the closest people to you bring great joy or deep pain? The answer may reveal the level of relationship connection you have with them, as well as indicate if your future together will be blessed with contentment or broken up by conflict. If you are confused about your relationships or spend too much time wondering what to do next, then you need to learn how to respond directly to the problems instead of stuffing your doubts and fears inside. There is a verse in the Bible that teaches the importance of developing a clear plan of action to achieve a positive result, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22, NIV). This principle applies to all of life and is a reminder of the importance of allowing others to come into our life to help guide us to a path of greater success. It is my hope that you will sit down and prayerfully face the relationship issues that may need to change …